Cold Email, how to get more than 50% response rate within 6 sentences

Here is how to send an email that somebody has to give you a fuck, for real:

Title: Don’t suck here.

Most of the time people do judge a book by its cover, so if the title can not catch their interest, there is once-in-a-billion chance that it would be opened.

I normally delete it right after reading the title.

So, keep it with the model of three elements: Result – Objection – Timeframe:

How to get X, without doing Y, within Z days

You can change the order to make it more efficient.

Okay, you just passed the flirting round, let’s move to the next charming round, having sex.

Here is the formula:

AIDA: Attention – Interest – Desire – Action

Put something interesting, shocking or familiar with their personal perspective to get their attention. Give them something more, and more. It’s like you put them on your bed then foreplay with them. You keep fondling them, get them on the beat and smoothly put in your treasure, get them high, and close the deal. That’s it.

In order to build that process, you have to add up at least these main things:

Benefits for them: What’s in it for me?

The better case for it is telling them what they will get from their point of view. Like, you will get this, you will receive that, you will achieve that high…

Social proof with clear numbers

How many people have used, how many of them got what, how many percents satisfied. Don’t tell the subtle jokes, please use the exact number, or at least make it up. Build the trust from the figures, like “Travel companies A used X last month and their monthly revenue is increasing more than 201%”.

People are likely to believe and follow the society, especially their own circle of connection. They keep shouting out loud that they want to be the leaders, the innovators but most of them are afraid of being the first one. “Our friend B from Agency Y thinks that you would love to use it too since he has been loving it and his wife, his son, his daughter love it toooo”. That’s it, tell them how people are getting high with it out there.

Make it personal.

At least you get their name, their company or so. Don’t be like “Hey there,”. Make them feel respected.

Keep it short and sweet.

I’m a loyal fan of minimalism and simplism. I see people around me love it too. Of course, there are several people love the 3-days-reading email or letter, but from their spouses far far away, not from a real estate agent trying to sell shit to them. So, please get real. Keep it short and sweet, don’t write it more than 6 sentences. TL;DR, remember that.

Clear Call To Action.

Tell people what to do. I mean, what exactly they do have to do right after reading those words. Some people sent me an email and after reading three times, I was like, “so, what the hell do you want from me now”. Just be straight like: Click here, sign up here or Call me now…

A/B Testing before mass sending.

Use at least 2 versions of the email. Test them for around 20% of your mailing list and see what works best. Then apply it to the rest.

Follow up with 2nd email.

If people didn’t reply the first email, keep chasing them with the 2nd, 3rd email. Just be polite, asking them as if they were so busy that they didn’t have time to read it or by an accident, they delete or skip it. Give you a reason to email them again.

Here is my most favorite one:

Hey A,

You have problem Z, I’m doing Y, I can help you with Z. So B told me to connect with you. What time next week works best for a phone call?




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