There’s something called “Company Culture”

Imagine if you are working at a company that:

Make you be proud of what are you doing.

If you are lucky, then you must be proud telling people about what you are doing. Sometimes, people don’t even understand your job clearly but who cares anyway, as long as you feel proud of it.

You will have to work overtime a lot

You will be working on Saturday or even Sunday, so basically, you don’t have a weekend. But you don’t mind, just enjoy doing what you’d love to do.

Let you have a meeting at 2AM.

When you were working on an external project and something urgent came up, at 9PM that you can not let it overtake the next day, you had to organize a meeting at 2AM. That’s weird, but fun.

All-hands meeting with wines and weed.

The team sat down and the leader brought out a small bag of weed, telling you that it’s the magic of the night. How could you react? Just have fun.

You have to go swimming at 4PM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as a rule.

Yes, you have to. You didn’t know how to swim at first, but after two months of drinking swimming pool water, now you can swim 1km straight.

You have to practice Yoga at 9AM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as another rule.

Your CEO had hired a Yoga master to teach the team practicing at home because he knew that would help all team members have the healthier lives. If you skip one class, you’ll be banned. If you skip more than a week, he will beg you to go sleep earlier that you can wake up early the next morning to practice Yoga. He even bought Melatonin (or something similar, I don’t remember the name) that help you sleep better.

You will have to travel around as a part of your job.

We are a travel company, we are serving travelers and we all love to travel. So we have to travel more in order to do business better.

You have no job title

You know what you are doing, your team knows what you are doing too. And everyone doing their own job but there’s no official job title. If you go out and meet people on behalf of the company, you can be whoever you want, just name it. You are doing customer service and you can tell you are the tech lead without knowing how to write a single line of code. No one cares.

No one gives a shit about guests

If a guest is coming for a visit, most of the times he will be invited by the CEO, unless he is lovable, nobody will give a shit about him and his story no matter who he is, what he is doing and how much money he makes. That’s odd but true. The team only spends time with the one they like.

I don’t know if it’s good or bad.


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