Korea Trip

First day:

I got a fever on the plane. The immigration lady stopped me and asked if I acknowledged my super high temp. I told her I had got medicines on my own, so no worries and tried to run into the immigration as quickly as possible. I felt super tired, I had to stand in line for more than one hour then. I felt super thirsty, no water. My whole body turned red and hot like hell. The only thing I wanted to do was lying down on the floor waiting for my turn.

We got to the Airbnb house and it turned to be so relieved lying on the bed for a nap. I was sleeping until the end of the day.

Second day:

Being a zombie due to a mix of back pain, cough, sore throat, and fever. I couldn’t enjoy anything. I went out to go shopping. Korean people are mostly shy and they would try to avoid talking to me every time I started speaking English to them. They did not smile, with a cold-bold face answering No.

I went to an Apple store and asked if they have a Macbook Pro 2016 with a touch bar and the girl there answered No without any hesitation or further eye contact. That’s weird tho.

We went to the Triipmeet event. It seemed like not so many people were going to attend it. Then we went back home, had a big dinner together until midnight. I, Nhien and Trevor had a very interesting conversation about Korean Culture and how travel has changed our lives, then we went into the biggest decisions of our lives.

Third day:

Got recovered but still had body ache. My team went out to see the city with a local expert. I went to see the electronic market with Hans and Dat. It’s quite tedious.

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