Things I hate the most at work

Things I rarely admit

1. Team-work is annoying

None of us that is as smart as all of us.

I know that.

But I’m just an introvert in the world that favors the loudmouths. And in that world, people’s respect for the others is based on their verbal abilities. Those who are thinking out loud and talk much are considered as the natural leaders. Then the whole education system is designed to develop those traits for everyone. But we need to understand the not everyone aspires to be a leader. If we are all the leaders, so the world would be in a complete chaos. So, be good at what you are passionate about instead.

Honestly, I rather spend time myself working my ass off on something myself than going out and having small talk. In a group work, people seem to be all in a hurry and take whatever they get out of a short conversation, or a meeting, as we name it. In order to have a great solution, I need data and process it thoroughly before saying anything, that takes time too. It’s virtually impossible to be a great idea out of a short conversation. Even when I can get it right, the party is mostly over. One more thing, when I am surrounded by the people that keep talking, the more I listen to them, the more I feel annoyed. That’s why my mind has to pretend that I’m alone, ignore the others and think on my own. That how I can focus and think of a solution.

For me, solitude is an important key to unlock the creativity and find the ultimate solution. So, all I want is to work independently. Sometimes I feel like I hate talkative people that I have a bias that “talkers keep talking and doers keep doing”.

2. Multitasking is bullshit

In order to achieve something extraordinary, I have to pay 100% attention to it. As I can say, if I am not obsessed with the problem enough, I will not find the best solution. “enough” to me means that I have to think about it every second, when I’m eating, taking a bath or even in my dream.

You have to spend time to consider which item to pay more attention first. Choices are tiring, we all know that.

Then you have to split your mind, which means, you just interrupt your thinking flow of problem A in order to switch into problem B.

Think about this. I’m dealing with the falling of revenue this month at work, but at the same time, I know that I have to fix the water pipeline in the house. If I don’t finish the new sales plan this morning, I won’t be promoted next month. But if I do not fix the pipeline this morning, the house will be a total mess, and my mom doesn’t like it, or my dog might have to suffer from draining in a locked room filled with water. So, if I do it one by one, that’s ok to me. But if I draw a strategic plan while still thinking of the other problem at home, I might end up drawing a meaningless pipeline on the board. It’s like you are dating two girls at the same time and want the best outcome of those relationships, in the end, you might get the best, but it’s just the best of the average. So if you want to achieve great things in life, stay hyper-focused.

My mantra is always, “One thing at a time.”

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