30 Days Challenge

I started running.

For this year, my highest priority is to improve my health. A year ago, I joined a Yoga class but I didn’t seem to enjoy practicing it much. I found it addictive when I have to suffer the body pain of working out, especially those exercises that require a lot of fast moving and make me sweat like hell. It’s not enjoyable at first but I feel relieved. After a while, I will miss it and aspire to taste it again. That’s weird but true to me. That’s why Yoga seems so unfit to me as it requires moving slowly and sitting patiently. I decided to quit Yoga and run instead.

I challenged myself to run every day, at least 5km for the first month then increase the target on the way. I will 100% commit to this exercise for the first 30 days because I heard somewhere that if we stick with something long enough, says 30 days, it will become our habit and I want to make it a daily habit.

I have been running for over a week and it’s exhausted like hell but believe me, I can see that I turned to eat like a pig, sleep better and something new came along recently.

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