My street philosophy

Almost everything we hear and see every day is just the matter of opinion. Somebody said that A is just an asshole, then somebody else said that A is super friendly and thoughtful. There is a book telling us that we have to burn our youth, we have to work 18 hours a day in order to have a successful life later on, there’s another book telling us that don’t be a dickhead, let’s have a life. Except for science facts that they seem to be the most credible things at the moment (maybe in the near future, people will find out it’s exactly opposite but it works for now), nothing is totally right or wrong, it just the point of view. I have to put a doubt on anything I encounter. It’s not that I don’t have faith or too skeptical but the way I choose to see things. as long as I feel good, it’s good.

It’s so ridiculous to see that people are spending too much time talking bullshit on social media. We are trying to show that we have a grand life, that we feel positive all the time and that’s the right thing to do. Meanwhile, other people are feeling shit because of seeing it. I do not have that thing, I didn’t try that, everybody seems to have something better than mine so obviously, my life is much worse than the average. I’m just a piece of shit.

We are all trying to be sophisticated and pretend to be nice to each other. I do it sometimes I whenever I do it, deep down in me, I found myself guilty for not telling the true feeling. Well, I’m way too sophisticated now!

Relationships matter. I don’t mean contacts we got from the networking events or ass kissing at work, which is bullshit to me, but the real connection between us with the ones we love, the ones we like. Our parents, our siblings, our close friends, our fiances, etc, the ones that we care about and want to do something good for them in return for nothing. Sometimes I took for granted that they are there and will always be there for me, no matter what, as if they have the responsibility to be in my life and I forgot how to appreciate them appropriately. Only until I started to wonder if they weren’t there, if they didn’t show up for me in my life, would I still be myself today, that when I realized how bad I behaved? That’s sad. We don’t need to tell them how we love them or how we feel thankful all the time, that sounds ridiculous, but to show them simply by being there when they need us.

Health is gold. There’s no strong mind inside a weak body, I hear it somewhere and that’s 100% true. There was the period of time that I didn’t do any exercises, even walking. I sleep next to the workplace, I eat at work. My schedule was to wake up, sit and work, eat, work and sleep, continuously. Then one day, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, breathing hard. It’s like my heart wants more work but the lung insists that’s too much for the heart, they had a conversation and the lung was going to win, and the brain came up at the right time as a referee, to wake me up. I stayed up the whole night. I was freaked out. I didn’t even dare to go back to sleep because I was afraid that if I went to sleep, I wouldn’t wake up the next morning. As long as I was awake, I was still able to breathe normally and call for help easily in case something bad came up to me. That thought scared me for the next whole week that I couldn’t go to sleep until 2pm, and I tried to wake up at 6am the next morning, to escape the nightmare. That was a terrible time. Then I decided to workout. I started to run and do some pushup, plank at home. My health improves tremendously. I feel thankful for that.

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