What’s up in Malaysia?

It’s an Islamic country with more than 60% of the population are Malays. On almost every advertisement that I’ve encountered, there would be a woman wearing hijab, especially mobile phone advertisement. For example, a Muslim woman taking selfie with an Oppo.

And people drive car. In a normal family in the city, almost everyone has their own car. So tv advertisement would heavily be about car, petrol, oil…

Houses in Malaysia are well organized and they have only one architecture for the whole area, designed by a group of community developer. One cannot design and construct the house himself.

In the residential areas, a living house is normally shorter than the house in Vietnam but all the gov buildings look like the castles, so big, mysterious and weird.

People must be really in love with coconut here. They put it into almost everything out there.
There’re three races: Malays, Chinese and Indian. So there are three types of food accordingly:

  • Indian food is full of curry, not my type and I don’t wish to try much.
  • Malay food is still half-full of curry but the spiciest. Not fun at all.
  • Chinese food is similar to Vietnamese food. I eat it every day. It’s not as good as Vnmese food tho.

When I say I’m from Vietnam, ppl will normally ask: “But you speak English well” or “how did you learn English”Even the other day when I met an investor and he wanted me to recommend some good programmers and marketer in VN and he asked: `but can they speak English?`

Even the other day when I met an investor and he wanted me to recommend some good programmers and marketer in VN and he asked: “But can they speak English?”

People drive on the left, just like in the UK (they were colonized by Britain for a long time)

People use Whatsapp for everyday things and they will create a group chat for almost everything, chatting with friends, family, company-wide communication, the business community, residential community, hiring, shopping…
The other day when we met the Chairman of ipay88, he asked us to send him the pitch deck, but through Whatsapp, even though we had already sent through email.

In stead of getting email or facebook, people will ask for your Whatsapp.

Malaysians are so afraid of the number 4 as it’s pronounced the same way with `death`, so they try to avoid using it as much as they can. When you walk into an escalator in a big building. it’s normal to see 3A floor instead of 4. 3 – 3A and then 5.

I’m wondering when a kid reaches the age of 4, at the birthday party, people come and say:

Congrats, now you’re 3A years old already


Happy 3A birthday

There’s a road in Kolkata, India called Ho Chi Minh road, where the American embassy is located. Everybody there knows that and that’s how they started to know Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh city.

In Malaysia, the place of the meeting will depend on the role of two parties. If you’re asking anything from them, you go to their place or somewhere nearby they decided, and vice versa. It’s an unspoken rule.

Indian is black, Chinese is white, Malay is somewhere in the middle.
Wondering if there’re any connections :thinking_face:

Talking about Vietnam, especially when it comes to food, the normal conversation will be like.

oh, beer is really cheap there, right?


Vietnamese coffee is really strong

And one Malaysian asked:

You guys are still having a security guy writing the ticket for parking right?


how can you guys be so skinny?

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