Things I hate the most at work

Things I rarely admit

1. Team-work is annoying

None of us that is as smart as all of us.

I know that.

But I’m just an introvert in the world that favors the loudmouths. And in that world, people’s respect for the others is based on their verbal abilities. Those who are thinking out loud and talk much are considered as the natural leaders. Then the whole education system is designed to develop those traits for everyone. But we need to understand the not everyone aspires to be a leader. If we are all the leaders, so the world would be in a complete chaos. So, be good at what you are passionate about instead.

Honestly, I rather spend time myself working my ass off on something myself than going out and having small talk. In a group work, people seem to be all in a hurry and take whatever they get our of a short conversation, or a meeting, as we name it. In order to have a great solution, I need data and process it thoroughly before saying anything, that takes time too. It’s virtually impossible to be a great idea out of a short conversation. Even when I can get it right, the party is mostly over. One more thing, when I am surrounded by the people that keep talking, the more I listen to them, the more I feel annoyed. That’s why my mind have to pretend that I’m alone, ignore the others and think on my own. That how I can focus and think of a solution.

For me, solitude is an important key to unlock the creativity and find the ultimate solution. So, all I want is to work independently. Sometimes I feel like I hate talkative people that I have a bias that “talkers keep talking and doers keep doing”.

2. Multitasking is bullshit

In order to achieve something extraordinarily, I have to pay 100% attention to it. As I can say, if I am not obsessed with the problem enough, I will not find the best solution. “enough” to me means that I have to think about it every second, when I’m eating, taking a bath or even in my dream.

You have to spend time to consider which item to pay more attention first. Choices are tiring, we all know that.

Then you have to split your mind, which means, you just interrupt your thinking flow of problem A in order to switch into problem B.

Think about this. I’m dealing with the falling of revenue this month at work, but at the same time, I know that I have to fix the water pipeline in the house. If I don’t finish the new sales plan this morning, I won’t be promoted next month. But if I do not fix the pipeline this morning, the house will be a total mess, and my mom doesn’t like it, or my dog might have to suffer from draining in a locked room filled with water. So, if I do it one by one, that’s ok to me. But if I draw a strategic plan while still thinking of the other problem at home, I might end up drawing a meaningless pipeline on the board. It’s like you are dating two girls at the same time and want the best out come of those relationships, in the end, you might get the best, but it’s just the best of the average. So if you want to achieve great things in life, stay hyper focused.

My mantra is always, “One thing at a time.”


Korea Trip

First day:

I got a fever on the plane. The immigration lady stopped me and asked if I acknowledged my super high temp. I told her I had got medicines on my own, so no worries and tried to run into the immigration as quick as possible. I felt super tired, I had to stand in line for more than one hour then. I felt super thirsty, no water. My whole body turned red and hot like hell. The only thing I wanted to do was lying down on the floor waiting for my turn.

We got to the Airbnb house and it turned to be so relieved lying on bed for a nap. I was sleeping until the end of day.

Second day:

Being a zombie due to a mix of back pain, cough, sore throat and fever. I couldn’t enjoy anything. I went out to go shopping. Korean people are mostly shy and they would try to avoid talking to me every time I started speaking English to them. They did not smile, with a cold-bold face answering No.

I went to an Apple store and asked if they have a Macbook pro 2016 with a touchbar and the girl there answered No without any hesitation or further eye contact. That’s weird tho.

We went to the Triipmeet event. It seemed like not so many people was going to attend it. Then we went back home, had a big dinner together until midnight. I, Nhien and Trevor had a very interesting conversation about Korean Culture and how travel has changed our lives, then we went into the biggest decisions of our lives.

Third day:

Got recovered but still had bodyache. My team went out to see the city with a local expert. I went to see the electronic market with Hans and Dat. It’s quite tedious.

What you thought and what it really meant

You went to an e-commerce website to buy a headphone, the nice image somehow mislead you to an irrelevant one and you hit purchase, then you see a button called “Purchase by accident”, you immediately thought:

I just clicked on the wrong button, now I can go back. This site is brilliant!

The actual meaning was:

I just did a stupid thing, and now I’m regret!

You were browsing Facebook and you saw an appealing shoes ad with the sales price of $100 on the original price of $250, you thought:

This is a super good deal, I’m gonna save $150!

It actually was:

I’m gonna waste another $100 on my 4th pair of shoes this month!

While reading a self-help book, you thought:

This is great, I’m so motivated now. I will change to be successful!

It actually was:

Nothing new, just a nice written theory. I already knew it but I didn’t practise

When your cat was walking around and looking at you, screaming, you might think:

She loves being around me. She is so sweet!

But she meant:

I’m hungry, feed me now, my slave!


When you had a meeting and the other was still missing, she called “I’m on the way, just 5 more minutes”, you might think:

Oh, she’s almost arrive

But she actually meant:

I’m sleeping, what’s up? Oh shit, I forgot it. Wait a minute, I’ll be there. Wait wait wait, when I say a minute, I mean an hour!

When you felt bad and someone asked, “Are you ok? Do you need my help?”, and you replied:

I’m fine!

But you meant:

I’m not fine, but it’s none of your business anw

When you were lying at home, some called:

Are you free now?

You replied:

No, I’m busy!

Then you were supposed to say:

Yes, I’m totally free but I don’t like hanging out with you, or I’m having a good time at home

Someone asked “Can I borrow this one?”, then you was like:

Uhm, ohm

Your face said:

Hell no

When you were being asked about your success story, you told them:

Well, I saw it an opportunity, then I worked very hard and it’s got me today.

Your true story was:

Well, I didn’t know what to do then. I picked one random business. It failed. I tried another one, failed again. Then I kept trying. I started from the scratch with an idea about A, then I built B, got fucked up a lot. It turned out that C was the most successful thing and now I’m telling you about D.

You saw a random girl passing by, you walked along an said:

You are pretty!

What you actually wanted to say:

You are pretty. Netflix and chill?

You were browsing FB at the midnight and you thought:

It’s too late. I have to go sleep now!

Then, you realised:

Just five more minutes browsing to see if there’s something new. Oh not really. I have to check email… It’s been 5 minutes already, there must be something new, I have to check it out…

When you started to learn a new thing, you said to yourself:

I will spend at least 2 hours per day practising it. Soon I’ll become a master!

But, the true you said:

I’ll be learning for several days, then unless I have to use it at work, I’ll feel bored, or too busy, and quit.

When you said:

Fuck you!

You meant:

It’s not literally fuck, and I didn’t mean to fuck you, but fuck you!

When you were submitting a request and the a small box popped up:

Please wait a minute!

What it really meant:

Please wait a minute, but remember when I say I minute, I mean an hour, or maybe a year. So, good luck!

There’s something called “Company Culture”

Imagine if you are working at a company that:

Make you be proud of what are you doing.

If you are lucky, then must be proud telling people about what you are doing. Sometimes, people don’t even understand your job clearly but who cares anyway, as long as you feel proud of it.

You will have to work overtime a lot

You will be working on Saturday or even Sunday, so basically, you don’t have weekend. But you don’t mind, just enjoy doing what you’d love to do.

Let you have a meeting at 2AM.

When you were working on an external project and something urgent came up, at 9PM that you can not let it overtake the next day, you had to organize a meeting at 2AM. That’s weird, I know but it’s fun too.

All-hands meeting with wines and weed.

The team sat down and the leader brought out a small bag of weed, telling you that it’s the magic for the night. How could you react? Just have fun.

You have to go swimming at 4PM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as a rule.

Yes, you have to. You didn’t know how to swim at first, but after two month of drinking swimming pool water, now you can swim 1km straight.

You have to practice Yoga at 9AM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as another rule.

Your CEO had hired a Yoga master to teach the team practising at home because he knew that would help all team members have the healthier lives. If you skip one class, you’ll be banned. If you skip more than a week, he will beg you to go sleep earlier that you can wake up early the next morning to practice Yoga. He even bought Melatoni (or something similar, I don’t remember the name) that help you sleep better.

You will have to travel around as a part of your job.

We are a travel company, we are serving travellers and we all love travel. So we have to travel more in order to do business better.

You have no job title

You know what you are doing, your team knows what you are doing too. And every one doing their own job but there’s no official job title. If you go out and meet people on behalf of the company, you can be whoever you want, just name it. You are doing customer service and you can tell you are the tech lead without knowing how to write a single line of code. No one cares.

No one gives a shit about guests

If a guest is coming for a visit, most of the times he will be invited by the CEO, unless he is lovable, nobody will give a shit about him and his story no matter who he is, what he is doing and how much money he makes. That’s odd, but true. The team only spends time with the one they like.

You will have to eat fresh food

The CEO even cares about what you eat everyday. When he sees the food is not fresh enough, he will find the best sources to buy to ensure that you will not be eating the poisoned food. He is annoying tho.

Triip is a family and everyone cares for the others.

I’ve never worked at a big corp so I might not understand their culture deeply but there’s one thing for sure that I fucking hate it. I hate being managed and so managing people. I hate people fighting for a position or stabbing behind the back of each other to climb the career ladder. At Triip, we work, we travel, we eat, we sleep, we play, we have fun, all together. Because everything we do at Triip, we do it as if we have the same mom.

When I was at the university, I co-founded a startup and self-funded my university years without working for the others or begging money from my mom. After graduation, I landed my first job at Triip. Of course there’s something I hate and something I love about it but so far, I have been enjoying it. I love the people and the culture here.

UX in life

Disclaim: I’m not an UX expert, I have no expertise in this field, I’m just an observer trying to do things right.

What is UX, actually?

UX as I understand is the experiences the users have while interacting with one product, from them moment they get to know it, during the serving time, until they decide to quit using it for real. The product here might be a mobile app, a website or just a book. Experiences might be understood as simple as loading the homepage or as complex as making a purchase online. It relates to the feeling of the users, while performing the task with the product, if they feel right, it’s easy, comfortable, satisfied and secured, etc, then it’s the good UX. If it’s not, you are fucked.

Why does UX matter?

Business is all about interacting with people, no matter what you are doing and it happens everywhere. It’s just that simple because doing business is making money. Where does money come from? Is it from a cat, a bull or a fox? Hell no, you are trying to get money from the others’ pocket. Can you business without interacting with anyone? Meh

Unless you are living on Mars and somehow manage to read this by an accident, you are interacting with people everyday. You can say “Yeah, I interact with people but not to make money, I just get along with them”. Sure, you might be right, you aren’t doing business, but you still have to care about the others feelings, thoughts while talking to them, right? Even when you don’t care about the others, at least you will spend time feeling yourself, so that’s the UX, your own UX.

People are trying to follow the trends with many rules for for the best UX and apply it immediately on their products but sometime they forget to understand the core element of UX: the users. They forget to consider the context.

Speed matters.

Fast is better slow, we all heard that. Time is gold, I know. I understand that everybody is always in a rush and they want everything around them to catch their speed too, the engineers of a website want that too. They always try to optimise the site to help it load faster. This is good. But is it worth exchanging 0.01 second for an extra step? I once heard this conversation from an engineer: “You see, with this technology, we can increase the site speed down by 5%, so the loading time will be reduced by 0.2 second per step. but we have to add one more step here…”

I was like, wtf? Is that how you think about time and speed?

Then he explained, “That makes it feels faster” No, I feel shit. The only thing I care is how long does it takes to get my shit done, that’s it. If it get me to click one more time, it’s like I’m late for one more year on a marathon. So please don’t.

Where the hell is the booking button?

The customer service representative was talking patiently through the phone, giving the instruction on how to make the purchase to a 35 year-old lady: “Yes, the green button on the top of that”, “Then please fill out all your information” “You have to scroll down a little bit, then you can see it”, “still not, it must be there, please look carefully”.

Then the girl turned to me: “It seems like every time I talk to our customers, I have to tell them clearly where the booking button is or they will be having a hard time finding it.”

Every single time, I mean, it’s supposed to be there, in front of them. It must be the first thing they encounter. So, what’s wrong with it? Why do users have to find it as in a hide and seek game?

The I found out that the button was there just because it fits the layout and the overall design would be so nice. Hell, yeah!

Yesterday, I went to see the doctor .While I was busy looking for the room number, I tripped and almost fell down on the floor. Then I looked down, there was a small step right under my feet. How the hell a step is put in the middle of the hall without any warning sign or notice? I was so frustrated.

To be updated everyday.




Meo: Age of extinction

This is Meo.

Slice 1.png

Meo is a one-year old girl.

Meo is pretty.

Everybody knows it. She knows it. She knows how to take advantage of it to achieve things. She even drew a royal life from it. Every square in the house belongs to her empire. She can go anywhere, do anything, and eat at anytime she wants. She is dangerous.

Meo doesn’t give a shit about who you are or how much money you make. The only thing she cares is, “do you feed me?”. She knows one things for sure that you’ll fall in love with her from the first sight. She will ignore you, as she does to everyone else. You might call her cocky but you will keep chasing her, because she is cocky in a pretty way. You keep following her to simply stroke her hair, she knows it and she won’t let you do that. The more you see her, the more you want to touch her, the more you become her slave. She might not know how to love, but she has a talent to use slaves.

The good news is, there’re so many ways to show her your love. The bad news is, she knows them all and she will ignore them anyway.

There’s a chance that she will give you a look, but it’s more like a glimpse. If you try to shake the Whiskas bag in front of her, which she loves the most, you will get her attention. You have the right to think that you’ve got her heart. Yay!!

But the truth is no, not a chance in hell. She seems to care about you (actually she cares about the Whiskas bag but you can take it as a self-happiness) doesn’t mean she likes you. Even when she does like you a bit (I’m expecting to pass this level too), don’t expect her to show you her feeling then, don’t expect anything. You’ll be depressed.

Meo is a royal cat, as she considered herself. She wants to be served, in a royal way. Wise word for you is, keep chasing, stay foolish, and say no to being rude. If you cross the line, she will bite you as hard as she can. I have scars on all over my hands, my arms, my legs and even my face. Don’t judge me, please!

Meo learns fast, but in her own way.

When she was a kitten, she used to poop in the garden. That explains why it’s nearly impossible to grow vegetables in our garden. We planted seed yesterday, today it has already been dug up. We notice a rare seed sprout today, there is nothing for sure that it will be there tomorrow. Thank god, after a year, now we can harvest some vegetables but everyone is yet skeptical about the quality of them.

Back to her pooping story. On a rainy day of May, she was lazy to go out. then she found out that pooping in the bathroom, not in the lavatory but on the floor, is enjoyable. It looks cleaner and more elegant. Then she decided the bathroom is hers to poop.

There was a time cleaning her shit in the bathroom every morning became a routine of mine. We got mad, but still, she has never given a shit. We had to propose a new place for her to poop, a big bowl filled with cat sand. When she knew that was a much more elegant way to shit, she accepted it happily. We are all good now.

Meo never talks.

Maybe she’s lazy, maybe she doesn’t like socializing. But it’s definitely not on her list of favourite things to do. She never shows any affection for expressing herself, never asks for food. When she is hungry, she simply walks around you yet keeps a distance. It’s her polite way to remind you of your duty. She doesn’t have to say a damn word.

When you try to call her name, she will ignore it. But when she does reply with a “meow” sound, there’s something.

She definitely did something wrong. For example, she has just pooped in the bathroom or she was trying to steal the food. She knows her mediocre behavior is being detected and she tries to disclaim it. The louder the sound is, the more serious the problem is.

Whenever we want to check on her, we call her name. If she doesn’t reply, everything is cool. Else, we have to get our shit together.

Meo loves playing with furry balls, I mean furry balls, literally. If we want to keep her busy, we throw a ball on the floor then it will drive her mad.

Meo loves sleeping, in a box, next to a Macbook screen. The interesting thing here is we never see her sleeping next to a Window laptop, never. What a tech-racist cat!

I don’t know whether it’s normal or not when a cat sleeps more than 12 hours a day. Anyhow, that’s how Meo spends her time.

When Meo was a kid, there were only four things in her life: eating, pooping, sleeping and biting. Every morning, at 7a.m, she jumped on my chest repeatedly. Then she bit me, on my hands, on my legs, on my ears, even scratched my face. By that time, I thought that she missed me or wanted to play with me then I found out quickly that she was just hungry. “Wake up, my slave, time to fulfill your duty”

Meo is mysterious.

On a rainy night of May, we found her on a railway, little but arrogant and showed no fear. She has some weird behaviors that we can’t understand. We saw her sitting in the kitchen and staring at a hole for almost one hour or digging the garden while observing thoroughly.

One night, I suddenly woke up at 3a.m, slowly opened my eyes. Meo was sitting on my chest, staring at my face. I was freaked out.

Three months ago, we went on a short vacation. We handed the key to our neighbor to let him in and feed her while we were away. We came home three days afterwards. We opened the doors and for a moment, we thought that we got lost in a zoo. Meo was sitting there with 7 more cats surrounding. The cats saw us and dismissed the meeting immediately. We were amazed while Meo was looking at us with her naive eyes like, “Hey! What’s up? How’s your vacation?”

At that moment, we decided to stop stalking her catsonal life and settle down with our mission, serving her. “Curiosity killed the cat”

We still believe that there’s a day Meo will conquer this world. That day is very near and we have nothing to worry about. We know one thing for sure that she will keep us alive after her humankind massacre. Because we know how to serve her well.

Why are you so freaking sure? She doesn’t give a shit, remember?!

Her closest friends since childhood, one by one delivers their babies and she is still single. She spends her entire day around us. We don’t know if she goes to the bars at night, we can’t track that. We don’t know whether she is still finding her perfect guy, or she is a lesbian.

Two months ago, Meo was expected to be pregnant with a huge belly.

We fully prepared to become grandpa(s) and grandma(s). Suddenly one sunny morning, the big belly was gone, mysteriously, just liker her characteristics.

Nobody knew why, how and what.

Now, she is fit, still arrogant and busy planning to conquer the world.

IMG_20160616_203248_AO_HDR 2.png

Short talks on the trip

30th April, suddenly I wanted to travel around.

No plan, no tripmate, I went to the bus station. Normally people have to reserve the ticket at least one week in advance, I got one with just 10 minutes, passed a crowd of thousands people in an area capable of a half. But it turned out to be a bad sign.

It’s not a regular long road bus. It’s a city bus, more than 20 years old, I guessed. The driver is not the one who is familiar with the road also. He only knew that where is the destination of the trip to drive the bus to. He didn’t even know where to stop for a lunch until someone on the bus screamed out loud. Unfortunately, my destination was not the end point of the road. I had to get off earlier that the others, but that was mine first time, how can I know where to get off exactly. I told the driver:

  • Can you drop me off at Duc Manh junction?
  • I don’t know where it is. It’s your job to figure it out and tell me to stop when we pass by.

Okay, thanks Google Maps and GPS, I got off right at Duc Manh junction.

Next day, I got on another bus to Buon Me Thuot. Again, I don’t know where to get off but a name of another junction. But this time, my driver is a pro, he knows all but I sat far away from him and I didn’t want to walk that far to bother him. So I ask an old man next to me:

  • How long it will take to Eakao function?
  • Hmm, we are getting close to it. Around 5 mins. He replied.
  • No, it must be longer. I’ll inform you then. Another lady behind me said out loud.
  • So, you mean after this stop, we will get to Eakao? I asked again.
  • No, I told you to sit there. We have to wait much more longer. The lady yelled, angrily.

Okay, I’m out of this, I was thinking.

Things turned out, she got off at the same bus stop. That’s why she was so sure about it.

Next day, I got the last ticket of a night bus to Da Nang. At midnight, the co-driver approached everyone, woke them up and asked for their destination. Then he wrote on the notes thoroughly.

The next morning, the bus entered the station. Everyone woke up and they were all freaking out:

  • I asked to be dropped off in Tam Ky, why we are all here, driver?
  • This bus does not stop on the road. Now you can get another bus to go back a little bit.
  • Why the fuck did you wake me up last night but didn’t tell me anything abt it?
  • Meh

On the flight back to SG, I sat next to a couple in a quarrel. Luckily, next to me in the right is a window.

  • Why are you jealous?
  • I’m saving myslef
  • From what? People say hi to me and I have to smile back to them
  • You can go with her now!

The man was trying to show an apology and the woman was trying to ignore and scream back. There was a moment I intent to say “shut up” to them, but I recognised the tear is shedding on her face. Nevermind.

I called an uber to get home from the airport. The first driver cancelled because he couldn’t contact me thought a number which is set on another phone I was trying to turn on. Then I got another, with 4.9 star rating. I was wondering:

  • You must be new here. Your rating is still high
  • Nope. I’ve been around for several months. Actually I don’t give a shit about rating. I just do my job, riding people around and make money out of it. I do not thing wrong to them, and whatever they wrote or rate about me, I still can get new customer everyday. If I do not get high rating, I can not get the bonuses. But if I aim to get those bonuses, I have to drive all day long and make only six or seven hundreds. So why the fuck do I have to do it when I can make over 1 mil per day within 10 hours?
  • Hmm, that makes sense.