My current life

It’s been over a year without updating. So, what have I done to my life?

Since I moved to Triip house, the social life has become a luxurious thing.

I hate drinking, that’s why I hate hanging out with my college fellows since they all consider drinking as a social etiquette. At Triip house, I can hide as a caveman and avoid answering the drinking invitations. No one knows what I was doing, where I was living. I was just totally out of their social circle.

I also quitted using Facebook, going to Twitter instead. Now I feel more connected to life. I don’t have to hear/see/read the complains people are making every day, I don’t have to click like or comment. I don’t have to know what people are doing out there, that’s none of my business. If I really care for them, I just make a phone call or ask them out for a chat. Things would be much easier.

Okay, that’s not it.

It was just because I was too lazy to get my ass out of the house and I was afraid that people do not remember who am I, then if I post something on Facebook, so… no one will like it. Huhuuuuu.

I have been dating for a while.

Yeah, it is, I’m dating. That’s strange, right?

In the past, I always tried to avoid getting into a serious relationship because I was always thinking of it as a waste of time when I want to concentrate 100% on working and learning new things. I’m a hustler. I want to learn as much as I can. And… when you are in a relationship, you will have to text daily, make a phone call every single night, you have to care deeply for another. I’m a  careless boy, it seemed so hard to achieve tho.

But, she is special. It’s like the one who you can trust and share anything with, the one makes you feel special every single moment you are with her. She is the one who motivates me doing new things and get me when I was feeling down. She is better than me at a lot of things that I have learned from her every day. She is awesome.

Well, no, just because I love her. And luckily, she loved me too. Tadaaa.

I’m getting weaker.

I know it’s the result of living without any principles. No exercising, no sleep schedule, eating disorder, usually wake up late in the morning and skip the breakfast. I look like Donkihote now.

I need to be working out. Go to the gym, boy ==”

I knew swimming

Yeah, yeah. I can swim now. Want to go for a race with me?


Oh damn it, something really really bad just happened right here. Can you guess what?

I’m sitting in the yard, and the, the cat was just pooping here, right in front of me. Her shit is super smelly. OMG. I can not stand this anymore. Bye bye for now. I’ll be back tomorrow.

P.s: I forgot to mention, we are raising cats here, two cats, can you imagine that. Super cool huh? They are soo soo cute, lovely, adorable, cocky – arrogant (of course they are cats). I love them, except when they shit in front of me (anyone who says they are lovely all the time, come and sit here now, I dare you).


Mom: Will you come home tomorrow?

Me: No mom, I won’t. My bro will

Mom: You have 4 days off, what are you gonna do instead of coming home?

Me: I’m busy, mom.

Mom: Daddy is asking if you’ll come home or not.

Me: Hihi, Say him so


Mom: Alright, Get back to study, I’m hanging up

Me: Bye mom, take care always

Mom: Come home, son

Me: Yeah mom, tomorrow

It’s the enchantment

Thoughts of the little girl

Reng reng reng!!!

Caller: Hey bro, Duc here, are you home now?

Little girl (thinking): Aha, the man who is always drunk whenever he comes here?

Little girl (saying): Hi, My father is at work now, he left his phone at home.

Caller: Oh, so when will he come home, cutie?

Little girl (thinking): For what, are you going to let him get drunk like you, forget it.

Little girl (saying): I think he’ll be home at late night, is there anything important?

Caller: Oh no, could you tell him call me back when he gets home?

Little girl (thinking): Of course not, I’ll not let you bother him. You’re such an asshole, get away from my father.

Little girl (saying): Yes, I’ll remind this call

Caller: Thank you, cutie

Little girl (thinking): Go away

Little girl (saying): Ok, bye bye


I’m having a headache.

It has been over a month since I stopped going to the Gym because of an injury. Day by day, I spent the whole day with the laptop, except the time I went to bed. How bad it is. I can feel how my health was going down.

Tomorrow I’ll back to the GYM.