Mom: Will you come home tomorrow?

Me: No mom, I won’t. My bro will

Mom: You have 4 days off, what are you gonna do instead of coming home?

Me: I’m busy, mom.

Mom: Daddy is asking if you’ll come home or not.

Me: Hihi, Say him so


Mom: Alright, Get back to study, I’m hanging up

Me: Bye mom, take care always

Mom: Come home, son

Me: Yeah mom, tomorrow

It’s the enchantment


Thoughts of the little girl

Reng reng reng!!!

Caller: Hey bro, Duc here, are you home now?

Little girl (thinking): Aha, the man who is always drunk whenever he comes here?

Little girl (saying): Hi, My father is at work now, he left his phone at home.

Caller: Oh, so when will he come home, cutie?

Little girl (thinking): For what, are you going to let him get drunk like you, forget it.

Little girl (saying): I think he’ll be home at late night, is there anything important?

Caller: Oh no, could you tell him call me back when he gets home?

Little girl (thinking): Of course not, I’ll not let you bother him. You’re such an asshole, get away from my father.

Little girl (saying): Yes, I’ll remind this call

Caller: Thank you, cutie

Little girl (thinking): Go away

Little girl (saying): Ok, bye bye


I’m having a headache.

It has been over a month since I stopped going to the Gym because of an injury. Day by day, I spent the whole day with the laptop, except the time I went to bed. How bad it is. I can feel how my health was going down.

Tomorrow I’ll back to the GYM.